**Update** 28/11/12:  Unfortunately, I’ve disbanded this Legacy due to issues with my save file.  However, I now have an awesome new self-built PC and have been working on another Legacy which, although hasn’t got an in-depth story line like this Legacy did, I’m sure I can make an interesting blog about using the screenshots I’ve already taken.  When I’ve set up the blog, I’ll post up a post with a link and more info 🙂

Here’s the link for my new Sims Legacy blog.  A Bailey Legacy.


Hey everyone. Welcome to my first serious Sims 3 Legacy. I’ve been a Sims addict for years and I love to write stories, so thought I would merge these two interests together and this is what I came up with. Really hope you Sims fans will enjoy reading 🙂

To start from Chapter 1.1, click below.

To start from Chapter 2.1, click below.

To start from Chapter 3.1, click below.

To start from Chapter 4.1, click below.

Alternatively, click on the Chapters tab above to pick a specific chapter.


2 responses

8 04 2012

Why did you stop writing?! This was one of the best Legacies I’ve found! 😦

28 11 2012

I’m really sorry, but I had problems with my game and its save file, so had to ditch this Legacy as a result 😦 It was a shame to do so… I’ve got a new PC now though, and I’m playing through a new Legacy at the moment, which I think I’m going to start a blog for, although it won’t have a serious story-line like this one as I’m currently working on a fantasy novel, so putting most my free time into that!
Maybe I’ll pick this Legacy back up again one day, if I can get the save file to work after all these months!

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